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Helping Bruntwood think more product

Role: Lead designer

Contribution: Product strategy and roadmap, design sprint facilitation, UX design, design system creation, stakeholder management

Paper with UX sketches on

Discovery and strategy

Completed expert review and competitor analysis.

Worked with researchers to understand insight and use this to plan product roadmap around high value areas of the site.

Facilitated early design sprint to deep-dive into 'co-working'.

Campus and building pages

The core of our strategy was built around property values - content hubs to support both rational and emotional decision making.

Used a content-first approach, kicking off pages with content workshops with relevant stakeholders to get aligned on user need and page structure. Worked alongside a content designer to wireframe out pages.

Bruntwood campus wireframe
1 Content-led wireframes
Bruntwood campus design
2 Live site

Product journey

A key challenge was internal teams at Bruntwood regularly go away and build their own microsites. Bruntwood also have an extremely large colour palette in their brand guidelines and usage of this digitally was inconsistent.

I wanted to design and build in a design system from the start to ensure scalability of the site and allowed us to build in the chance to make use of the wide palette in an accessible way with an aim that in the future, if marketing teams need to spin up campaigns that are also on brand, this will be easy to do with the design system.

Documentation is important and also has been considered from the outset.