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About me

I'm Michelle, a UX designer and developer originally from London but now based in Manchester.

A smiling auburn-haired woman with pink lipstick (it's a photo of me)

My love of the internet started early when I began making websites at 11, learning HTML/CSS and putting it into practice on my Neopets' pet pages. This skill manifested in lots of outputs over my teenage years (Geocities fan sites, Myspace themes, personal blogs) and eventually I graduated with a degree in Interactive Digital Media in 2012. I've honed my skills in agencies and through freelancing since and have worked across a wide range of industries including e-commerce, healthcare and telecom consultancy.

Currently I'm a lead UX designer, line manager and accessibility champion at Co-op Digital. My day-to-day is within Funeralcare, working to help the business become more data-informed and user-centred. I still use my coding skills, but these days more focused on rapid prototyping and building close designer-developer relationships.

As part of my role as an accessibility champion, I run digital accessibility training and work to help embed accessibility testing and ways of working across teams.

How I work

I love to work collaboratively and foster environments where people can bring their whole self to work, have fun and feel comfortable and encouraged to work in the open.

I have a keen eye for detail and a drive to do things the right way. I like to understand the big picture and how everything connects. I'm pragmatic, try to take in multiple viewpoints and know how to balance creativity with feasibility and commercial value.

What my colleagues say

“You're good at communicating complex ideas in a clear way.”
“You show stuff quickly where other designers might be scared to get things down feeling like it locks them into the design”
“You're a collaborative person - keen to work with other teams to get feedback on design decisions, such as the Engineers and myself. You're good at bringing people together.”
“You're an ace leader who creates great environments to work in.”

When I'm not working

I'm a big foodie and love going to restaurants. I love to bake, buy houseplants, get out into nature and pet dogs. I also love a meme (what can I say, I grew up online).


2020 - Present
Lead UX Designer
Co-op Digital
2018 - 2020
Design Lead
Code Computerlove
2012 - 2018
Freelance Design & Development
Michelle May
2012 - 2013
Digital Designer and Developer
Drew London
Digital Design Intern
Dazed Digital / Dazed & Confused