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About me

I'm Michelle, a UX designer and developer based in Manchester. I moved here from London (my hometown) in 2017 and have been addicted to Rudy's Pizza ever since.

I started making websites when I was about 11, using HTML and CSS I learned via Lissa Explains Explains It All, and putting it into practice on my Neopet's pet pages. This skill manifested in lots of outputs over my teenage years (Geocities fan sites, Myspace themes, personal blogs) and eventually I graduated with a degree in Interactive Digital Media in 2012.

I've honed my skills in agencies and through freelancing since. I have a keen eye for detail, and a drive to do things the right way.

Currently, I am a Design Lead at Code Computerlove, a digital product studio. I work on a multi-discipline product team where I champion human-centred design and a test-and-learn approach. I work closely with both product owners, consultants and client to shape work and roadmaps that align to business strategy and vision. Working at Code has really given me the opportunity to develop my research skills.

I still use my coding skills, but these days more focused on rapid prototyping, or building out A/B tests. I'm currently working my way through the Creative Coding course bundle on SuperHi, as it's important for me to continually nuture my front-end skills.