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Michelle May

Michelle is a pragmatic, good-humoured, outcome-focused product designer and accessibility advocate.

Lead designer at Co-op, helping the Funeralcare business become more data-informed and user-centred. I also train colleagues on how to test for common accessibility issues.

Lead designer at Code Computerlove, helping all size of business understand their audience and deliver value fast for them.

Case studies

Taking a car dealership customer portal from proof of concept to MVP

I lead the design on JCT600's customer portal, a tool with a business need starting point and tried to discover user value.

Defining a new product opportunity for apprenticeship learning providers

I lead the discovery for a problem that focused on forms, but quickly found a gap in the market for our client

Optimising Benenden Health's core proposition pages

After a year's worth of experimentation, I led a redesign of Benenden's core healthcare pages to a 15% uplift in conversion.