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Proposition demystifying for improved conversion

Role: Lead designer

Contribution: Expert reviews, prototyping (both in Sketch and HTML), A/B test building, workshop facilitation, research analysis

Benenden Health comparison graphic


Benenden Health were pushing themselves with a stretch target of increased yearly leads, and came to Code to help improve conversion.

Our approach built up a roadmap that balanced learning more about the user through surveys, and direct experimentation on the site.

Benenden Healthcare prototype
1 Early prototype
Benenden Healthcare prototype test
2 Final experiment

Healthcare redesign

Key challenges
People don't fully understand what Benenden Health offer, and there were key usability issues on the core pages I believed to be causing issues.

Content design workshop with the client, into production of a prototype for lab research. I designed the prototype in Sketch, then built it into VWO (our A/B testing tool) so the prototype loaded directly into the site giving users a seamless experience if they visited pages not directly in our test.

I observed, took notes in a matrix and analysed the results of testing. I designed and built a 2nd iteration which we chose to quantitatively test via A/B testing on the site. It was a big test, swapping out a key part of their site but we had confidence through our months of insight gathered via surveys, and output from usability testing.

The A/B test reached significance after 30 days, with an overall 14.7% increase in join rate - with a huge 20.6% increase on mobile.